Whoever receives one child in my name...

In the Archdiocese of Boston every parish is asked to host a missionary priest for one weekend every year. It's an opportunity for a missionary to pray with us and to speak on the missions and the need for our support.

So, this weekend, Fr. Tom Oates, a priest of the Saint James Society and serving at Blessed Mother Theresa of Calcutta Parish in Guayaquil, Ecuador was with us at Holy Family Parish.

Tom preached at all our Masses this weekend and so I have no homily to post on this Sunday's scriptures.  However, you'll see some of the impact of his homily on me when you read my Monday Morning Offering tomorrow.


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  1. Since we're talking about last Sunday's liturgy, I'd like to point out that ICEL fumbled the translation of the opening prayer. In the original Latin, after the address and acknowledgment of God's actions, it says, "da ut, tua præcepta servantes, ad vitam mereamur pervenire perpetuam." ICEL renders it, "grant that, by keeping your precepts, we may merit to attain eternal life." A slight but perceptible move in the direction of "works righteousness," potentially reinforcing semi-Pelagian notions among the faithful.

  2. I found this unsettling as well but prayed the text as given in the Missal. Interestingly, this prayer came in a series of 5 weeks of readings from the Letter of James - faith and works and all that!


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