Word for the Weekend: September 30

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It's time again to open the scriptures and begun to ponder the readings for this weekend's liturgy for the Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The readings and background material on them can be found here and if you'll be accompanying children to Mass this weekend, take a look here for hints on preparing your young ones to hear the Word.

The scriptures today raise the question, "
Does God confine the gift of his Spirit to authorized channels?" The day's first scripture from the Book of Numbers and the gospel passage from Mark tell us, in the words of Jesus, that "whoever is not against us is with us."

The last of five weeks of readings from the Letter of James is a stinging indictment of the wealthy, of those who want for little.

Looking over the scriptures ahead of time is a way to let the Lord's Word simmer and steep in our daily lives from Sunday to Sunday.

Wondering why I chose the image above?  Check out the readings and you'll know the answer!


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