A midday prayer: FRIDAY 10/26

We all walk about with secret fears and griefs,
   with worries and problems unknown to those around us...

Help me be gentle today, Lord,
   with all whose paths cross mine:
remind me that their burdens are at least
   as many and as heavy as the ones I bear myself...

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  1. wow- I am just reading this now, but this matches my goal for today- made this morning, before 10am-

    and I was able to achieve this goal, at least mostly, as far as I can tell-

    and the "secret fears and griefs"-
    yes, you are exactly on-

    during the past couple of weeks I have "unlocked a door inside of me that I have been keeping locked and secret- trying to hide from others... "

    the door is unlocked, and even slightly open, now-
    right now it is very scary, but also hopeful-

    God, please be with me and help me-

    I really need your strength and your will- and please help me remember and keep with me all that
    I heard and learned these past couple of weeks-
    please God, help those that I met-
    please give them the hope and strength to continue on and despite everything, see the hope.

  2. ...oh, and I forgot something...

    thank you.


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!