Saving cyber time

My friend, the Concord Carpenter, emailed me today and his subject line ended with the letters, EOM.  

I've never seen this before and couldn't figure it out so I re-mailed and asked Rob the meaning of the acronym and found that it means End Of Message.

Am I the last one in cyber space to know about this?

Rob followed up with a message with more detail about using EOM:
  • EOM saves time - concise and clear, non- time wasting emails
  • EOM saves your recipient's time.
  • EOM forces you to craft better subject lines with all the information needed
  • EOM forces you to keep email messages focused on a single topic.
  • EOM guarantees 100% readership
  • EOM  allows you to read and delete an email without opening it
I think this is great!  Are others already using this?  Finding it helpful?  Any problems with it?


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