A Cardinal's tears: hope for the Church?

If your trust in the Church and your hopes for its future need a shot in the arm, then take a few minutes to read the whole of Rocco's post on the newly minted cardinal from Manila, Chito Tagle.

Take the time, read the whole post...


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  1. Prayers for him and for all of the new cardinals. I am deeply moved by this man that I am learning more about. Thank you for adding to this via your post today.

  2. Thank you, Austin, for drawing us to Rocco's post on Cardinal Chico Tagle. I must say that I was deeply moved by each of the video segments and by the "on background" tribute. This new cardinal personifies for me the best of Vatican II on its 50th anniversary. Wish all those who are wavering would come to know of this wonderful priest.



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