A midday prayer: THANKSGIVING DAY 2012

It's Thanksgiving Day...

Today I thank you, Lord, for the gift of faith:
that strength, power and source within
showing me the way,
guiding me in the dark,
making sure my faltering step,
giving light for finding truth
and hope for living gracefully

through trials and troubled times...

Today I thank you, Lord,  

for the gift of your Church:
that wounded, rag-tag, joyful company of saints and sinners
whose faith is my strength, binding us all together, 

brothers and sisters in you and in your love...

Today I thank you, Lord, for all the people around me

and those behind me and before me:
the ones who've helped to make me the person I've become;

those who've loved me in ways too many to know or to imagine;
those who've loved me when I've failed to love them in return;
those who've pardoned and forgiven me with mercy and with grace;
those who've shared their joy with me, who fill my heart with peace

and who help me trust and know with hope 
that you are ever by my side...

And today I thank you, Lord, 

for all the people I have yet to meet 
but will...

Today I thank you, Lord, for the mystery of your presence:
in everyone I know and meet;
in the simplest and most ordinary moments of each day;
and in the stillness, in the quiet 
of the time I spend with you in prayer...

Today I praise and thank you, Lord,
for you are my God
from whom all blessings flow...


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1 comment:

  1. I thank you very much for this prayer-
    today I was alone- by choice- and throughout my day I experienced some challenges, but also some moments of (unexpected) hope-

    the hope came in "ordinary", "everyday" interactions and experiences-
    I am thankful for this-
    and I am thankful that I was able to see this-

    thank you.

    (from your post back on October 6, 2012-
    "There is always, always... "

    fellow readers, if you are curious about the rest, go back to this date and check it out- )

    happy thanksgiving...


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