A midday prayer: WEDNESDAY 12/12

It's December:
   a month for Christmas shopping.
I've got a list of folks to buy for
    and some presents are already wrapped...

Christmas is your birthday, Lord:
   what will I get for you?
   what do you need?

I've nothing to offer that you really need
   but what might I really need to offer to you?

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1 comment:

  1. Lord, I really need to offer to you...

    my renewed hope-

    or, my willingness to look towards hope-
    (which is somewhere a bit off in the distance)-
    I want to offer you my willingness and want and need to do this despite all of the fear that is in the way-

    I want to offer you my faith-
    my trust-
    in you-

    I NEED to offer you these things-
    to be able to move forward-
    and to do this knowing and trusting that you are always with me-
    even when I can't feel you-

    and I want to offer you my desire to be closer to you-



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and PRAY before you think!