Knitting together some memories

Photo by RMH

I don't knit, never have, but I've watched my mother, my sister, and women on my staff "knit and purl" balls of yarns into beautiful clothing.

My sister has a great post up on her page, Keeping Me in Stitches.  It's titled "Memories" and I'll tease you to take a look by telling you that the milk bottles in the photo above hold some of my mother's knitting needles.

And here's a snip from my sister's post:
The email set me thinking about some handmade items around my house.  I have two bedspreads that were crocheted by my great-grandmother, ready for use on my guest beds when needed.  There are beautiful tablecloths embroidered by my grandmother, and others hand-woven by an aunt during the cold winter months at the mouth of the St. Lawrence in Quebec, Canada.  Doilies, potholders, aprons, and place mats, lovingly made by relatives, find a special place in every room of my house.  In my hope chest there's a sweater my mother knit for my younger brother, worn by my sons, and waiting until my grandson is the right size to enjoy its warmth.
You don't have to be a knitter, you simply need to know one to appreciate these Memories...


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  1. So much talent in one family!


  2. I admire anyone who can knit-

    and though the memories, etc. here are a "bit" far from my understanding, I still admire and respect them-

    I tried knitting, I think once, maybe twice-
    I used a children's knitting kit/instructions-
    (and I wasn't, technically, a child)

    I couldn't do it.

    yes, I gave up pretty quickly- I got frustrated and sad-

    maybe someday I will try again...

    but still, I thank you for your post here-
    it at least gets me thinking...

    and not frustrated, sad thoughts-

    so, for that, I know it is good-
    and I am thankful.


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