How beautiful is this?

If you have 2.5 minutes, here's a good place to spend them...

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  1. A beautiful Blessing to receive this video, Thank you

  2. you have no idea just how beautiful this is to me-
    and my tears are a mix of so many things-

    I thought immediately about a little 2 year old boy that I worked with-
    he had not yet been diagnosed, but later, with PDD (Pervasive Developmental Disorder), this is on the Autism Spectrum-

    the other teachers I worked with, though wonderful people, had, sort of, "given up" on this little boy-

    he wouldn't look at anyone in the morning when said hello to...
    (and other things)

    I wouldn't give up on him-

    I saw something in him-

    something I didn't understand, but something- I COULD NOT GIVE UP ON HIM-

    I kept saying hello to him, with no response, until one morning...

    he looked directly at me, and said "hi, michelle"-

    tears (again) came to my eyes- happy tears- SO VERY HAPPY- I said hi back to him and hugged him...


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