Monday Morning Offering - 223

Coffee in the Morning by George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Well, Lord, "the holidays" are history!
Even on the church calendar
we’re finally back to Ordinary Time…

We spent weeks, months building up towards,
getting ready, preparing for, anticipating,
finally celebrating and -
and now, almost suddenly,
it’s all over for another year…

And so there comes again this gray season,
charcoaled in the landscape of our days,
etched in hearts, chilled by long nights…

I offer you this season, Lord,
the time between now and that ashen Wednesday
and the purple relief of Lent…

I offer you this in-between time…

So much of life is in-between, Lord:
in-between yesterday and tomorrow…
in-between the old and the new…
in-between expectation and fulfillment
(or hope and disappointment)…
in-between joy and sadness
(or tears and laughter)…
in between heaven and earth...
in-between what’s not yet done
and what’s yet to be known…
in-between what I can’t let go
and what I hardly dare to dream…

I offer you this day, Lord,
in this in-between season:
the only day I have to offer…

Help me “keep it in today”
and give me serenity
to accept the things I cannot change,
to change the things I can
and the wisdom to know the difference…

Give me patience with the past, Lord,
and hope for the future…

Help me trust that you've never abandoned me,
that you'll never forsake me,
that you're always with me
as you are today,
in-between what’s been and what's yet to be...

I offer you this one day
between yesterday and tomorrow:
this is the day you've made, Lord,
the only day I have...

It's on this day that you'll come
to meet me, forgive me and challenge me,
to comfort, refresh and strengthen me,
to nudge, prod and shake me,
to walk by side and be my companion...

Open me, Lord, to this day and to every way
you'll show me your face,
give me your love
and guide my steps...

Give me the grace I need, Lord,
to meet all who cross my path today
as I'd have them meet me:
with patience and with peace,
with understanding and care,
with a smile and a shoulder to lean on...

This is the day you've made, Lord -
this day will never come again:
help me rejoice and be glad in this day
and in you who spend it with me...

I offer you this day, tonight
and the whole week ahead of me, Lord -
one day at a time…



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