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Over at Sherborn Pastor, Rev. John Hudson, pastor of Pilgrim United Church of Christ in Sherborn, MA, has posted a solid reflection on the Lance Armstrong story.  Here's a snip: 
We cheat because winning becomes more important to us than doing the right thing.  We cheat in the conceit that the rules don’t apply to us.  We cheat because our fear of losing overpowers our fear of getting caught.  We cheat because we live in a culture which lionizes and worships the winners and often dismisses or even crucifies “the losers”.  We cheat thinking it will only be this once but then get so caught up in our lies that we cannot stop.  We cheat because no one is looking and it seems so easy.

But of course there is another way.  We can live this life and play this life on a level playing field.  This is how most humans do live day to day: with honesty. So even as Armstrong tumbles and we are ready to once again become jaded and cynical about the human condition, let’s celebrate the famous and anonymous folks who do play by the rules. And then before we pick up that rock of judgment to hurl at Armstrong, let’s also remember the times, not so public or dramatic, when we have been tempted to cheat in the game of human life.
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Many of us will find our memories jogged and our consciences shaken by John's words here.  How grateful we should be to the Lord whose mercy so generously levels our playing fields and offers us a new beginning.


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  1. Thank you for publishing this commentary. Simply excellent!


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