Word for the Weekend: February 3

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This weekend finds us at the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time. The scripture readings and background material on them can be found here and if you're shepherding youngsters to Mass, here are some hints for helping children prepare to hear the Lord's Word.

The gospel picks up the scene at the synagogue in Nazareth from last week's passage and we see that the more Jesus reveals of his mission the less accepting are the people who listen to him - until they run him out of town!

The first reading, from Jeremiah, is an affirmation of how the Lord's messenger will be sheltered by God's protection and will survive the enemy's threat (see the relationship to this day's gospel).

This week's second lesson is known to just about anyone who's been to a Christian wedding: Paul's words on love in 1 Corinthians. Of course, Paul wasn't writing about marriage or weddings but about the community which is Christ's body the Church.

Make some time now to read and ponder these texts and let them percolate in your mind and steep in your heart between now and hearing them on the Lord's Day.


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