A Lenten prayer from Nigeria

God in heaven,
you have helped my life to grow like a tree.

Now something has happened.

The evil one, like a bird,
has carried in one twig of his own choosing after another.

Before I knew it he had built a dwelling place
and was living in it.

Tonight, O God,
I am throwing out both the bird and the nest.

-A Nigerian prayer

Sometimes it takes only a night
   to throw out both the bird and the nest...

Sometimes it takes a season
   - maybe 40 days or so...

And sometimes it takes that long or longer
   just to notice the nest...

Lent is a season for studying the tree of my life...
Lent is a season for noticing what's nesting in my branches...
Lent is a season for throwing out what doesn't belong
            in the branches of the tree of my life...


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  1. I like this post very much.


  2. I've never read this one before - I really like it - twig by twig...hmmm...makes one think


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