A midday prayer: ASH WEDNESDAY

When you go to get ashes you'll hear the words, 
   "Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel..."

Lord, help me turn away
  from anything that leads me away from you
and keep me faithful to the Word
   that leads my heart to yours...

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  1. Presbyterian Priests gave out ashes on train platforms through out the State. They are coming out to the people and doing "Ashes to Go"... what a beautiful sight it was to see. I noticed that the Catholic churches aren't supporting this method, and I feel that's disappointing. In these busy times, espcially after the recent blizzard, it's important to reinforce our faith, and I think the Catholic Church should consider this for next year.

  2. If ashes were the point, I might endorse this approach. But I think the Catholic Church wisely cautions against giving ashes apart from a celebration of the Word, if not the Eucharist.

  3. I am...
    relieved, for what you said here, Concord Pastor-

    I was glad to have been at Mass this morning-
    hearing the Word, receiving the Eucharist-

    I had, I'll just say, a "personal complication" with receiving Ashes-

    During my personal prayer at Mass, I at least started, my personal plan and hope for Lent-

    At least for me, I need time to plan, pray, re-plan, pray, plan again, pray...


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