A midday prayer: FRIDAY 2/15

I remember Wednesday's ashes and the words:
   Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel...
The ashes are gone from my forehead:

   did they stick to my heart?

Help me turn away from whatever
   turns me away from you, Lord;
keep me faithful to the Word
   that leads my heart to yours...

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michelle said...

I think I heard the words just a little bit differently on Wednesday...

"Turn away from sin and believe the gospel... "

I guess I was wondering if anyone else heard a slight difference, as I did- ?

Austin Fleming said...

Oops! I used the old translation!

michelle said...

thanks, Concord Pastor-

so, I should assume that others heard the same words that I did?

(I must admit, I was wondering if maybe I wasn't so sure of what I heard... )

and now, I am wondering about the two translations, and their meanings...
and their differences... ?

thank you.

Austin Fleming said...

No way of knowing who reverted to the old out of habit - different words, same meaning.