A midday prayer: FRIDAY 2/22

 Before I went to bed last night, Lord,
   you knew how you'd be with me today...
When I woke this morning, Lord,  
   you saw saw the times this day I'd need your help...
Open my mind and heart, my eyes and ears
      to your presence, Lord, today and tonight...
Help me find you by my side,
   especially when I need your grace and strength...

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1 comment:

  1. oh, please Lord, I need your grace and strength- NOW-

    and, Lord, I believe that you were with me just a little while ago when I tried to reach out to someone very important who you gave me, in my life-

    thank you- please stay with me-

    please keep safe those who are so important to me-


Please THINK before you write
and PRAY before you think!