Midday Prayer: 2/26

I wear glasses, Lord: tri-focals!
Without my glasses my vision is
   unclear, unfocused and fuzzy.
Without my glasses I miss the details
   of beauty, knowledge, safety and direction.
Be my glasses, Lord!
Let your word, your truth and your wisdom
   correct my blurred vision and bring it into focus...
Help me see what's up ahead of me;
   help me see what's right in front of me;
      and help me see what's in between...

Help me see what I miss at my hasty, first glance... 
Help me see the detail I so often miss
   in the beauty of the world around me,
   in the truth of your word,
   in the ways you direct my steps along your path... 
Help me see myself and others
   as you see us, Lord... 

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  1. I DON'T wear glasses, but...

    my "vision" is sometimes "unclear, unfocused and fuzzy".

    and (even with 20/20 vision) I also sometimes (often) "miss the details of beauty, knowledge and direction".


    "Help me see myself and others as you see us, Lord..."

    perfect prayer- for all of us- whether we wear glasses or not-

    thank you.

  2. I'm glad to see that those with 20/20 vision could see that this prayer is for everyone!


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