A midday prayer: WEDNESDAY 2/20

Lent 2013 is a week old today...
How's it going?

The evil one who tempted Jesus in the desert positively delights
   in your feeling like a Lenten failure -
      and hopes you'll get so down about it that you'll give up!
If things haven't gone well so far this Lent, 
   ask your Personal Trainer (that's Jesus!) for help.
It's never to late to begin Lent - again...

Help me remember, Lord:
   Lent's not a race, it's a time to slow down and pray...
   Lent's not a test, it's an invitation to grow in your love...
   Lent's not a diet, it's a season to indulge in what truly feeds me...

May my fasting lead me to prayer, Lord,
   and my prayer lead me to serve the poor...

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