Getting ready for Lent: Part III

I would have taken "before" pictures but I'd be too embarrassed if you saw what a mess my kitchen, study and bedroom were in before this week.

Having no dog in the Super Bowl dust-up, I started Sunday night in the kitchen and filled three large heavy-duty trash bags with accumulated junk that was everywhere!  Once the junk was bagged, that gave me space to put my kitchen back in order.

Today's a day off.  I saw my spiritual director at 11 this morning and then came home to start on my living quarters.  Over four hours later I had filled eight of those large heavy-duty bags (double bagging a couple of times because of the weight) and stacked them outside my bedroom door.  Again, cleaning out the junk (WHY do I hold on to this stuff?) made room for me to organize my life into some semblance of order.

This is pure Sexagesima activity!  A visit with my spiritual director and squaring away the chaos in my rooms is just the kind of spring cleaning I needed to do as preparation for that interior spring cleaning that Lent is every year.

Fortunately, I only bring my bible, breviary and note pad into my prayer room so it remains an oasis no matter the state of the rest of my house.

How about you?  Is there a little spring cleaning you might do to prepare for Lent's arrival a week from today?  Would some sprucing up inside and around you set a better place for you to meet the Lord in this holy season?  Is there a room, a corner, even just a chair you might set aside as a "chapel" for prayer?

They say cleanliness is next to Godliness.  If that's true, I got a little closer today!

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