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It's been too long since I've featured a "link of the day."  I just came across a page titled Gentle Reign, written by musician, songwriter, liturgist Rory Cooney.

Rory posts from a composer's perspective with a keen eye on the liturgy and offers solid scriptural insight. 

Take a look at the recent post titles on his sidebar to get a taste of what he's offering.  In January he devoted two posts to "Ten songs that made a difference" in his life (here and here).  It's a helpful exercise and one that I might try once Lent is off the ground.  And you might ask what 10 liturgical songs have made a difference in your life - and why?

Take a look at Gentle Reign.  The link will now have a place on my sidebar.

And here's one of Rory's songs, just in time for Lent...


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