Ten Things to Remember on Valentine's Day

Ten Things to remember on Valentine's Day:

 1) No one has loved you longer than God
   who has loved you since before all time:
          God was your first lover...

 2) No one's love is closer than God's love,
    right by your side 24/7/365:
          God is your best friend....

 3) No one loves you more faithfully than God
    who loves you with no strings attached:
          God's love for you will never fail...

 4) No one loves you more wisely than God
     who knows your confusion and questions:
          God's Wisdom is with you to bring peace of mind...

 5) No one loves you more mercifully than God
    whose second-chances never run out:
          God forgives and forgives and never gives up on you...

 6) No one loves you more deeply than God
    who dwells in your heart of hearts:
          God will never abandon you...

 7) No one loves you more joyfully than God
    who takes pure delight in the person you're made to be:
          God loves you even when you do not love yourself...

 8) No one loves you more passionately than God
    who gave his only Son out for love of you:
          How much does God love you?  Look to the Cross...

 9) No one loves you more graciously than God
    who understands you better than anyone else ever could or will:
          God "gets" you - and loves you...

10) No one will ever love you more fully than God
    for, indeed, God is love:
          God is love and those who abide in love, abide in God,
                                     and God in them...


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