This too has passed...

As you may have heard, there's been a bit of snow these past few days.

After a funeral on Friday morning I hunkered down with supplies laid in, ready for some of that "long winter's nap" in Moore's famous poem.  Little did I expect that later that afternoon I'd discover that, try as I might, I just couldn't connect with the internet - despite the fact that all my gadgets and widgets seemed to be in order. So my online communication was restricted to my iPhone and typing on that is something I can only tolerate for short messages.

Thus, my silence here...

Now dug out, I'm at the office for a spell to catch up.

The scene above is my porch and what blew in through the louvered windows - lots more outside!


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  1. hmmm...
    I must admit, I can't say the same as the previous commentor (not sure how to spell that)

    I ventured out around Cambridge, where I live, and found a very strange, unfamiliar, and even a bit unsettling atmosphere...

    oh, I tried to see the beauty in the snow, but, I'm afraid I pretty much failed at this-
    (while I was walking, I pretty much said, "really, God?")

    but, there have been very few problems, overall, with this storm, across the state, so I know that is good-
    and I hope and pray all whom I know and love are safe...

    and those I don't know, as well.

  2. One of the best pix coming out of this storm I've seen!! Still digging out at my house....


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