Word for the Weekend: FEBRUARY 10

Image source: Sunday's Coming

This post comes later in the week than usual but there's still time (especially if you're snowed in!) to read, study and pray over the scriptures for the weekend, the Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time, the last Sunday before Ash Wednesday and Lent.

The texts of the readings and commentary on them can be found here and those who are bringing children to Mass this weekend will find hints for helping youngsters prepare to hear the Word here.

The first lesson is from Isaiah and tells the moving story of his call to be a prophet. A look at the day's gospel, the call of Peter, will tell you why this passage from Isaiah pairs so well with Luke's account. Not by design but by happy coincidence, the second lesson, from 1 Corinthians, references the call of Paul to be an apostle - in addition to a brief summary of Christian history to date in Paul's time.

A great Lenten practice would be to spend some time each week preparing to hear the scriptures that will be proclaimed at Mass on the following weekend.  TODAY would be a great day to start doing just that!


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