A man who one day might be pope...

The soloist in the video of this 2009 performance was then the Bishop of Imus in the Philippines.  Luis Tagle is now the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila.  Having become a cardinal only last fall, the recent conclave was his first.

Only 55 years old, Cardinal Tagle has a conclave or two yet ahead of him.  This man could, one day, become the pope...

If you take the time to watch the video, make the time to listen to Cardinal Tagle's brief remarks after the song.

(The choral group in the video is the choir of Our Lady of the Pillar Cathedral, Diocese of Imus.)

H/T to Mike Hayes!


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  1. We are blessed to have Pope Francis as our new pope and perhaps one day to have Chita Tagle as a successor to St. Peter. Both seem to be so genuinely unassuming and naturally kind. Loved the peck on the cheek given by Pope Francis to his "nemesis" Christina Fernandez. Pope watching hasn't been this fun in a long time!


  2. Just FTR: He goes by "Chito" - I believe "Chita" would be the feminine form.

  3. Thank you very much for posting Cardinal Chito Tagle in your blog. We, Filipinos, feel so blessed that he is back in Manila. I was very nervous during the conclave. Being a close friend since we were seminarians in San Jose Seminary in Quezon City, I was "afraid" for him to be the Pope too soon and also by losing him for the Universal church. I surmise that for the meantime he needs to practice his Italian to become the bishop of Rome in the future, Please join me in praying for him and the Filipino people around the world.

  4. So good to hear from one of Cardinal Chito's priests! I certainly understand your feelings - but I also hope that your bishop is studying Italian!


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