Things Jesus forgets...

Pope Francis at his window

Keeping the custom of the pope's Sunday noontime appearance at the window of his apartment at the Vatican, Francis spoke today about people who tell priests they're afraid they're beyond God's mercy.  The pope's response to such a person:
“Why? What have you done?”
“Oh, I’ve done bad things.”
“Good! Go to Jesus; He likes you to tell him these things. He forgets. He has the special ability to forget. He forgets them, kisses you, embraces you, and tells you only, ‘Neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more.’ He only gives you this counsel. A month later we are the same.… We return to the Lord. The Lord never tires of forgiving us, never! We are the ones who get tired of asking forgiveness. Let us ask for the grace to never tire of asking forgiveness, because he never tires of forgiving us.”

You know, I think we can all relate to this.
I think we can all understand this.
I think we all need this...


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