A midday prayer: THURSDAY 4/4

You rose from the dead some 2,000 years ago, Lord
   and to this day you walk among us:
      your Spirit still moves in our minds and hearts...

I wonder when I'll bump into you today, Lord,
   or when you'll bump into me
      and turn me in the right direction...

I wonder how you'll be there for me today,
   offering your peace, your strength and your help
      and showing me how to offer it to others...

I wonder how your Spirit might enlighten my mind,
  with wisdom and counsel and truth...

I wonder how your Spirit will move in my heart,
   turning me from my selfish ways
      to help those in need around me...

I wonder how you'll rise in my life today, Lord:
   please, don't let me miss a moment of your presence...

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