Monday, April 22 at 2:50 p.m.

The Angelus by Jean-Francois Millet

One week after the tragedy, at 2:50 p.m. on Monday, April 22,
we pause in prayer and in silence, save for the tolling of a bell...

Gothic Bell Tower by Gothic Bell Toll on Grooveshark

Let us pray:

Oh my God!

When we saw, when we heard,  
when we learned what had happened,     
our mouths opened wide and we called upon you,        
Oh my God!

When violence visited our city streets,  
when hatred shattered our springtime joy,     
then we wept from our hearts,            
Oh my God!

When we couldn't believe this pain and this loss  
had been schemed and planned and intended,     
then we cried from our souls,            
Oh my God!

We don't understand how this happens, Lord...

We don't understand why you let the innocent  
suffer such wounds...

We don't understand how our planet's become home  
to hatred, danger and fear...

We've let this happen, Lord: and we don't understand...
So we pray...  

Oh my God!
Open your arms to those who have died  
and to those they have left behind...

Oh my God! 
Heal the wounded  
and make whole the souls        
of those most seriously injured...

Oh my God! 
Strengthen our resolve to work for peace   
and to make of the earth once again     
the garden you made long ago...  

Oh my God! 
With your love and peace to console us,  
gently wipe the tears from our eyes    
and teach us always to call on your name...


(A collection of prayers and reflections following the Boston Marathon tragedy) 

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