Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 4/25

I don't know, Lord, when I've ever longed so much
   for buds and leaves and blooms to make their spring debut
      and shade the forests, the streets and my own backyard
         in all your palette's colors...

I don't know when I've looked so long for the day
   when winter's remnant browns and grays give way
      to all that spring can promise and summertime fulfill...

But I do know, Lord, how patiently you wait for me
   to open to your grace and spirit stirring deep within,
      calling my heart to a new season, to fresh growth,
         and to life in colors I haven't yet imagined...

Bring on your springtime, Lord,
   around me and within me! 

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1 comment:

  1. Amen. Definitely feeling my own "spring" is nearing. Trying really hard to make God a part of it from now on, though some days I do better than others.


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