Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 4/24

What's going to run my day today?
    Fear? Fantasy? My schedule? The past?  Anxiety?  Boredom?
    Others' expectations?  Pleasure?  My job? Self-doubt?  Routine?
    A relationship?  Food or booze? Guilt?  Debt?  Laziness?
    Loneliness?  Shame?  Grudges and resentments?

I've got a lot of bosses, Lord, and just as many masters:
   free me from serving any
      who keep me from serving you;
   free me from serving any
      who fail to bring me peace;
   free me from serving any who do not make me whole,
      make me honest, make me healthy and make me more and more
          the person you love and created me to be...

Be the boss of my life today, Lord,
   and the master of my heart's desires...

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