Praying until this danger passes...

Oh God!

No matter how sunny the skies, 
no matter how clear they appear,
there's always a cloud of danger above
reminding us: how fragile, how vulnerable
is the life that's ours...

It might be the threat of illness,
or the volatile temperament of nature's power;
it might be our foolishness, our own carelessness
or, as it is this week, 
it might be the cloud of the danger we face
in other human beings...

How such evil enters the human heart
is beyond imagining, Lord...

How does hatred so overwhelm the spirit 
you created and placed in us 
that we might love as you have loved
and forgive as you forgive?

How does evil blind the human soul
until it fails to see in others its own face
and, indeed, your very face, O Lord?

Today the Boston skies are blue and clear
and sometimes gray and clouded -
back and forth and sometimes all at once...

We know and trust your light, Lord,
and the clarity, the presence of your love,
but the clouds of danger hover close
and much too close 
and so we pray you shelter us
'neath the shadow of your wings...

Keep us safe until this danger passes, Lord,
and keep safe all those who work to keep us safe:
those in harm's way and those who bind the wounds
of any who might suffer danger's hand...

Keep us safe, Lord, and hold tenderly in your arms
those who grieve a loved one's loss;
and with your healing gently touch all those
whose minds and bodies have been wounded...   
Keep us safe, Lord, until this danger passes and restore in us
the hope and trust we have in you and you in us
your hope that with your help
we'll build a city safe for all, a haven of your peace...

Keep us safe until this danger passes, Lord,
and as we hold our children in our arms,
hold all of us in yours...

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