Time to thank the Shepherd of all our shepherds

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In the midst of this past week's tragedy, we witnessed so many shepherding us through danger and fear and binding up the wounds of the injured as a good shepherd would do.

Every year on this Fourth Sunday of Easter (April 21 this year), the gospel gives us the image of Christ, the Good Shepherd.  What a weekend to give thanks for all the shepherds in our lives and especially for the Shepherd of us all!

Make plans now to worship this Sunday and to thank God for the end of the nighmare we've been living.  Let's get out of bed and get ourselves to church to thank God for our law enforcement and medical personnel, for first responders and for so many ordinary folks on the street who stepped forward without hesitation to help those in need. 

Here are the scriptures for this Sunday.


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  1. We are thankful indeed...

    I thought you would find this piece moderately interesting: http://www.theatlantic.com/national/archive/2013/04/why-people-prayed-for-boston-on-twitter-and-facebook-and-then-stopped/275137/

    (Happy Birthday, too!)


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