Pause for Prayer: Pentecost Novena - Day Three

We're offering some special prayers, a novena, in preparation for Pentecost Sunday which falls this year on May 19, 2013.  Here's some more info and background on Pentecost and these prayers.

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Here's a word from scripture to reflect on:
                                       Do not judge by appearances, 
                                          but judge with right judgment.  John 7:24 
There's a connection between the gifts 
      of understanding and right judgment:
         both are spiritual intuitions of God's truth, 
         born of faith, nourished by prayer 
            and matured in living them day by day...

Right judgment seeks to replace my hasty, selfish, biased judgements
      with discernment based in values, 
         with truths and wisdom greater than my own...

The gift of right judgment corrects what's self-centered 
      in my appraisal of the world, of others 
         and my own words and deeds:
   the gift of right judgment, and not my own take on things,
      has the power to lift me out of my confusion and unsurety...  

Let us pray...
Give me right judgment, Lord:
      the gift of your Spirit to help me know, to intuit
         what's true, the right thing to do, what needs to be done.
   Give me the insight of judgment that serves the needs of others 
         before tending to my own,
      judgment that springs from what's true, just and selfless.
   Help me not judge by appearances, Lord, 
      but lead me to judge and see others 
         as I'd have them see and judge me.
Today's Take-Away
   What rash judgments have I recently made
      where the gift of right judgment 
         might have tempered my thoughts, my words, my deeds?

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