Pause for Prayer: Pentecost Novena - Day Seven

We're offering some special prayers, a novena, in preparation for Pentecost Sunday which falls this year on May 19, 2013.  Here's some more info and background on Pentecost and these prayers.

Check out the widget at the top of the sidebar and choose a song to listen to, to help you slow down and lead you to a prayerful quiet place in your mind and heart...

Here's a word from scripture to reflect on:
How lovely your dwelling place, O Lord of hosts!
My soul yearns and pines for the courts of the Lord.
Happy are those who dwell in your house!
Better one day in your courts 
than a thousand elsewhere.     - Psalm 84
Sometimes this gift of the Spirit, "wonder and awe in your presence" 
      is referred to as "fear of the Lord"  
   and considering the true meaning of this gift,
         that may not be a very helpful term!
   In fact, the Lord often tells us, "Be not afraid!" 
      God seeks my love, not my fear...

As it is in every love relationship I have,
      I never want to offend the one I love but rather,
         I want to do and say what will enhance our love -
            simply out of love for the one I care for.
   And so it is in my relationship with God...

It's not that I need to fear God but rather that I fear doing anything
      that would come between God's love for me and mine for God...

The gift of "awe and wonder in God's presence" 
      is meant to be seductive:
      the more I find peace and contentment 
         in my relationship with God   
      the more I'm drawn to do everything to enhance it and please God
            and avoiding whatever might compromise or threaten it...

This gift of the Spirit is meant to help me find joy and peace in God,
      such that I'd do nothing 
         that would keep me from that contentment...

This gift renders me open and vulnerable 
      for receiving the other gifts of wisdom, understanding, right judgment,
         courage, knowledge and reverence... 

Give me the Spirit's gift, Lord,
      to help me desire to live in your presence.
   Give me the Spirit's gift
      to help me want always to do what is right and just.
   Give me the Spirit's gift
      to keep from doing anything that might keep me from you.
   Open me to the love you offer me
      and let me fear only what might come between and divide us... 

Today's Take-Away
   Which of my words and deeds each day
      might come between me and God's love for me?
      between me and my desire to be at peace with God?
      between me and my desire for peace?

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