Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 5/28

Photo by Mark Penta

(On FaceBook, this photo was captioned,
     No beach chair, no towel, no problem...
which led me to the following reflection on prayer.)

Prayer takes some time, Lord, but not much else.
   No church, no chapel?  No problem...
   No stained glass, no incense? No problem...
   No preacher, no choir?  No problem...

All I need for prayer is me and some time
   'cause I know you're always there, Lord:  
      in my house, in my car, where I work,
      at the shore, on the sidewalk, at the park,
      in the woods, in the shower, by my bed...

All I need is me and some time, Lord,
   'cause you're always there 
      in my mind, in my thoughts, 
      in my heart, in my dreams,
      in my hopes, in my fears,
      in the depths of my soul...

Prayer takes some time, Lord, but not much else...

Help me make that time today, Lord:
   help me make that time right now...
      no problem!


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