Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 5/1

I have some important tasks ahead of me, Lord,
   and some of them won't be easy to accomplish:
      the kind of work that makes me worry a lot
         and leads me to doubt myself...

So I ask you to help me do the right things
   and to do them well...
I ask for courage to speak the truth
   and to speak it with charity and conviction...

I ask for your wisdom to help me discern
   and know what you ask and expect of me...

I ask for your mercy to lift me up if I fail
   and to set me on your path again...

I ask for your strength lest I grow weary:
   keep me equal to the tasks at hand...

I ask for your Spirit, Lord, to guard me
   and guide me in all things, in peace...

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  1. This prayer really relates to what I'm going through. I was about to give up, but this helped me get my spark back, thank you:)

  2. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!


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