Monday Morning Offering: June 3

Image: George Mendoza

Good morning, good God!

Last week I woke one morning
to the sounds of birds chirping in my backyard
and I wondered,
"When did they come back?"

And one afternoon, leaving my house,
I noticed the hedge along my driveway
painted in bright green buds
- and I knew they hadn't appeared overnight...

A few minutes a day
the days have grown longer,
the light of day stretching itself
and holding off the dark of night...

Slowly, gradually, persistently
this season's made its way into my life,
its presence felt, heard, seen and smelled
a little more each day until the taste of spring
now whets my appetite for summer...

I wonder, Lord, how I wake to you
easing your way into my life
slowly, gradually, persistently,
making your presence known
like birds calling me in the morning,
colors catching my eye,
light lengthening my day...

As I savor every moment of spring
let me hear your voice as soon as I awake...
let me see your brush strokes upon my path...
let me find your warmth evening my day into night,
in peace...

Sharpen my senses, Lord, and heighten my awareness:
make me sensitive to your growing, hidden presence
sounding, blooming, shining
like springtime rising up in my backyard...

Come into my life, Lord, into my soul,
come slowly, gradually and persistently,
as surely as spring comes in and summer follows
and with your grace help me walk gently
with all whose paths cross mine...

Good God of Monday mornings,
be with me 'til the night falls
and through every day this week...



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