Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 6/13

I had my picture taken today for the parish photo directory.

They asked if I wanted my photo retouched,
   to make me look a little better than I do: 
highlight this; brush away that
   and erase those tell-tale signs of age...

I guess we all want to look a little better,
   a little younger and more attractive
      than we image ourselves to be...

But you, Lord, see me just as I am
   and you love what you see:
flaws and wrinkles, pimples and scars,
   blotches and bruises, warts and all...

Perhaps I don't love the face you gave me
   but, Lord, it is the face you gave me
and in my face you see a semblance of yourself:
   your perfect image in my imperfect features...

You see all my blemishes, Lord,
   the ones on my face and those on my soul;
you're fine with my face (whether I am or not)
   but you know my soul's in need of retouching...

Highlight what's true and good within me;
   brush away all that keeps me from you, Lord;
erase with your mercy the scars of my faults;
   and retouch all that's in need of your grace...

Help me see how unique the wonder
   of the person you made me to be
and open my eyes to the natural beauty 
   of all whose paths will cross mine today...


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  1. Just wanted you to know that I wasn't asked if I would like to have my photo retouched. I would have said "Yes"!!!


  2. I would take not being asked as a compliment!


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