Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 6/18

Photo by S. Abbott

I've noticed, Lord, that very often
   it's hard to figure out why you do what you do -
      and why you do it when you do...

At least that's my experience of you
   and if others are telling me the truth
      then I'm not alone in my observation...

Yesterday afternoon you interrupted a perfect day in June
   with darkening skies and a soul-drenching downpour
      putting more than just a damper on everything around...

And then you dropped a rainbow from your pocket:
   an afterthought?  an apology? pure gift?
      I don't know, Lord: but oh-so-welcome that bright arc! 

I know it's not for me to figure out
   why you do what you do 
      and why you do it when you do...

My task is so much simpler, Lord:
   to bask in your light when the sun warms;
   to bathe in your grace when heaven thunders;
   to delight in your gifts when a rainbow glows...

Yesterday brought sunshine, stormy darkness
   and the glory of a rainbow - all within a few hours:
      and so it is, so often, in my heart... 

Let me find you in all places and all times, Lord:
   in the light and in the dark,
   in the warmth and in the thunder
   and in the kiss of a rainbow's fleeting beauty...

You are everywhere, Lord, and always there,
   especially when I think I've lost you:
      help me find you when and where I least expect you...

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