Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 6/12

An artist at the easel looks to the subject,
   then to the canvas, dipping a brush
      in just the right mix of colors...

And with skilled strokes, some swift
   and some painstakingly, carefully made,
      there comes to life a face, a scene, a 'scape...

With such fine strokes, Lord, paint me to be
   the person imaged in your mind's eye
      since before all time began...

With your soft brush tease out the beauty
   your eye finds so deep within me
      and let me see what you see, Lord...

With your palette knife give texture
   to the contours of my being and make bold
      what I'm so quick to hide, deny and mute...

Stretch the canvas of my soul, Lord,
   and paint upon it what you want my life
      to be and to become...

And make me grateful for your artistry,
   the masterpiece you want to make
      of all I am and all I have...

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