Pause for Prayer: WEDNESDAY 6/19

I had lunch yesterday with an old friend
   I haven't seen in quite a while.
Immediate connections were made: tied together
   by a shared history of memories, joys and sorrows...

In no time at all it seemed that no time had passed
   since "back in the day."
Yesteryear's best survives as a gift
   while mercy takes care of the rest...

You and I have connections that link us, Lord:
   a history of sharing my burdens and joys;
we have memories in common, you know them all:
   the good and the bad, the forgiven and gone...

So, let's have lunch, Lord - just you and me:
  a sandwich, a coffee, some chips and an apple;
let's reconnect and get back together
   and pick up where we left off...

If I make the time and the place to meet you
   I know you'll be there before I arrive;
we'll remember the best of what's made us friends
   and let mercy take care of the rest...

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