Word for the Weekend: JUNE 9

Christ Raising the Dead by Louisa Anne of Waterford

There are two widows in the scriptures this Sunday: one from Zarephath whom the prophet Elijah visits and one from Naim whose son Jesus raises from the dead.  The texts for this Sunday with brief commentary on them can be found here.  Bringing kids to church?  Help them prepare to hear the Word with these hints here.

In the second lesson of the day, from Galatians, St. Paul goes to some length to assert that his mission and ministry come not from others but from God.

Through Lent and Easter and the post-Easter feasts of Trinity and Corpus Christi, we became accustomed to all three Sunday scriptures being thematically joined.  Now back in Ordinary Time, we'll find some thematic consonance between the first reading and the gospel text but that the second lesson will be taken semi-continuously from Paul's letters and other books of the New Testament, and usually not thematically linked to the other two texts.

This Sunday at the 11:30 Mass in my parish we'll honor (as we do on a Sunday every June) those married couples celebrating significant wedding anniversaries.  We would have done well to choose a date apart from on which featured widows in the scriptures!


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