Monday Morning Offering: July 8

Image: George Mendoza

(The coffee cup in George Mendoza's painting is always appropriate for a morning prayer but this week, at least where I live, that yellow sun couldn't be a more perfect image for praying through a heat wave!)  

Good morning, good God!

Good God, what a heat wave!

I’m blessed by all the AC in my life:
at home, at the office, in my car and at church.
I’ve got plenty of ways to chill and keep cool,
to avoid the sun's heat
and the steam of a muggy day…

But please, Lord,
don’t let me get too cool for my own good!

Don’t let me AC my heart
to the heat of your approach,
to the burn, the brand of your love,
to your warming presence...

Don’t let me shade myself in darkness,
hiding from your light seeking me out,
looking to expose the fears whose shadows
give false comfort to an anxious heart…

Don’t let me cool to your Spirit’s warmth
molding me as softened clay, malleable in your hands,
shaping me to be nothing more and nothing less
than all you intend for me to be…

Don’t let me chill to your calling me by name,
your knowing me inside-out with compassion,
understanding, with mercy and your desire
that I should love you in return…

Don’t let my judgments freeze
my fixed and frigid notions and opinions
but with your touch, Lord, melt and thaw
my mind and thoughts and open me to truth…

Remind me that the sun’s your light:
its warmth empowers all that lives
and without its burning brightness,
without its heat, all life would perish…

Remind me of the vapor of your presence
in the very air I breathe, of how the atmosphere
is humid with the moisture, the sweet dew
of waters meant to satisfy, refresh and cleanse me…

Give me shade, Lord, when the sun’s too bright
and quench my thirst when I’m parched and dry;
let you Spirit’s breath be a welcome breeze, but Lord:
don’t let me get too cool for my own good…

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