Pause for Prayer: TUESDAY 7/23

The patience of others will always amaze me:
   a seeker patiently searching for truth,
   a dreamer's patience for what's not yet,
   the patience of a patient who prays to get well,
   a mother's patience with a fussing child,
   the patience of a spouse whose spouse isn't patient,
   a good friend's patience with an unfaithful friend,
   the patience of the suffering whose pain doesn't end,
   a parent's patience with a child still learning,
   the patience of others with all my mistakes,
   the patience of many with my quick temper,
   the patience of God with my faults and sins,
   the patience of God whose patience is mercy,
      whose mercy awaits my repentance...

Give me patience, Lord:
   in word and deed,
   with those around me,
   with my own limitations,
   with all that you call me to do this day...

Give me patience, Lord, and be patient with me:
   in your mercy, be patient with me today...

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