I'm wondering: how do you pray with these posts?

At the end of July I began including an audio for my daily Pause for Prayer posts.  I've received good feedback on this and I plan on continuing to provide it.

Yesterday I happened to receive two quite different and unsolicited responses to my audio efforts.

One reader had written asking if I'd meant to capitalize "august" in Tuesday's post.  I replied that she must not have listened to the audio because that would have answered her question.  She wrote back:
"I don't listen to the audio.  This may sound weird, but I feel as if that would make it less my prayer time." 
 I wrote back that I didn't think that was weird.

Another reader offered this comment:
"I enjoy the wait for your voice to catch up with my racing thoughts. Within the dichotomy, there is peace. Thank you."
These two responses got me to wondering about how you pray with these posts.

Every reader, of course, has several choices:
1) pray with the audio only
2) pray with the text only
3) pray with the audio and then with the text
4) pray with the text and then with the audio
5) pray with the audio and text together

As I noted above, I plan to continue offering the audio (it only adds about 5 minutes time to the posting task) but if you'd like to share how you use the audio/text, I (and perhaps others) would be interested in your response.


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  1. Father, right now I only read the text. I like having the listening option, so thank you for keeping it. And thank you for the prayer posts.

  2. I read most days..occasionally I will listen.
    Thanks for the options!

  3. I love the audio. I listen as I read. In some ways it helps me not to think about the words but to be in the Word. Most of the time this prayer is one of the first things I do on the computer in the morning. The process of listening and therefore receiving the prayer helps me to integrate the desires and hope of the prayer.
    The audio also adds a communal deminsion to the experience.
    Thank you for your time and the sharing of your prayer with us.

  4. I always listen to the Audio and it just adds so much! Thanks for including them and keep them coming!

  5. Fr. Austin...i look forward to praying with you/your blog in the morning...i especially like the addition of the audio...for me, the blog with audio is a form of lectio divina...i read the prayer, but then listen to your voice, and sometimes come away with a different insight then if i had read the prayer only...may God bless you and all you do for the People of God...


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