Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/2

Audio for today's Pause for Prayer

I had lunch with an old friend today, Lord.
It's so good to connect with someone who shares
memories and stories from over 20 years ago:
souvenirs of times that might be lost
but for our sharing them again...

"Remembering is a form of meeting"
so they say,
and they speak wisely who say so...

It's in remembering all the grit and grace
of what's now past that I meet once again
your strong hand lifting up my spirits,
leading me through troubled times I thought
I'd not survive
and yet, with you, I did...

It's in remembering, gently probing
where scars now mark the wounds now closed
that I recall your healing touch
and how in time you once again made whole,
restored, repaired and mended all the hurt
and the broken parts within my heart -
and in your mercy, washed me clean...

Today I had lunch with an old friend, Lord,
but you're my oldest friend, by far...

You've known me from before all time -
long before I first appeared within my mother's womb...

You called me by my name before my parents chose it
and you've never ceased to call me closer to your side
and to your heart where there's a place for me
-my name's right on the door-
a place reserved for me, a place you hold for me
'til I come home to you...

Through all my nights and days and all my years
you've been the friend who's always by my side,
who always has my back,
who knows me inside-out and loves me just the same,
who faithfully forgives my sins and takes me back,
who lifts me up when I'm knocked down,
who's there when I feel all alone,
who never tires of hearing all I have to say
and who knows without my speaking it
what my heart needs most to say...

Remind me, Lord, my savior and my friend,
the oldest of my many friends,
remind me of your love through all the grit and grace,
remind me of the memories and the stories, the souvenirs
of how you've been my faithful friend
redeeming me since I was born and now today
and how tomorrow you'll be by my side
leading me through troubled times
I will survive because you are my friend...

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