Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 8/30

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Ponder the telling image above of a verse from Psalm 139...

(Audio for today's Pause for Prayer)

That you formed my body in the darkness of the womb
and fashioned every creature from the soil of the earth:
   thanks be to you, O God...

That you knitted into my senses
a thirst for water 
and a hunger for food
and wove into every living being
desires for life and
pleasure in their satisfaction:
   thanks be to you, O God...

Let me be alert to the yearnings 
you have placed within me
and let me know 
what will truly satisfy
the desires of my heart...

Let me be attentive
to the yearnings you have planted in every human being
and let me be sure of what will fulfill them...

Let me be guided by your wisdom, O Christ,
   let me be guided by your wisdom...

(from Celtic Benediction by J. Philip Newell)


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