Pause for Prayer: THURSDAY 8/22

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Your mercy is inexhaustible, Lord:
   when I pray for your pardon, you grant it,
      your forgiveness is always freely given...

I think of all the times in my life
   when you've shown me mercy, forgiven my foolishness 
      and given me a new opportunity to be faithful...

For all your mercy, I'm grateful
   but I know you ask me to forgive others
      as freely as you forgive me...

So may this be the day, Lord, 
   when I forgive those who've offended me
      with the same mercy I've received from you...

Forgive me my trespasses, Lord,
   as I forgive those
      who trespass against me...



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1 comment:

  1. forgiveness of others is hard-
    SO hard-

    AND getting forgiveness from others..
    just as hard- maybe harder, in some cases-

    what do you do if you've said you're sorry but didn't get any response?

    broken record of I'm sorry's?

    or, give up?

    I don't think the broken record thing works-
    I believe I may be somewhat of an expert on this :(
    (but I don't think a very good one)



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