Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/20

Resurrection Breakfast by Kristin Serafini

Reflecting on the interview with Pope Francis published yesterday in the journal America, the song Pescador (Lord, You Have Come to the Seashore) came to mind.  

It's often been said that this tune was a favorite of Pope John Paul II and I know it's a favorite of mine and many folks in my parish - and beyond.  I believe it's also a song that harmonizes with Pope Francis and his faith and pastoral approach to the Church and the world.  

I hope you'll agree that this song offers a fine place to pause for prayer today...


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  1. Am listening to this beautiful song as I write...thanks! Perfect accompaniment to news of Pope Francis' wonderful interview.

  2. Wonderful article with Pope Francis. I read it early this morning and then sang along to "Lord, you have come", and have been humming that all morning.....which then causes more prayer! Great way to have begun the day!


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