Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/27

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I know where I need to go today
   and when I need to be there...

I've got a pretty good idea
   of when I'm going to eat
      and what I'm going to have...

I have a list of errands I have to run
   and things I need to pick up at the store...

 I know the work I have to do,
   the meetings I must atttend,
      the calls I have to make
         the emails I need to answer...

I know there'll be time for coffee,
  for chatting with friends and colleagues,
     for reading the paper
        and for checking my phone
           - again and again and again...

All this I know, Lord,
   so help me decide right now
      when I'm going to stop, today, to sit with you,
          spend time with you
             and talk with you in prayer...


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