Pause for Prayer: FRIDAY 9/6

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For a day or two, Lord,
you've lowered the temperature
and the air is fresh and clean,
not humid and heavy
but rather and eminently so,
deeply breathable...

They say there may be a chill tonight,
once September's sun sets
on this delightful day...

Of course I know you have in store
some warm and humid days to come,
sweet, moist reminders of summer
as she slowly takes her leave from us...

And Lord, there's a kindness here
in how you change the seasons,
when you gently tease with what has been
and what is yet to come:
the passion of the summer's heat
and a taste of fall, preparing us
for the cold that lies ahead...

Be as gentle with me, Lord,
as the seasons change within my life:
keep fresh my summery memories
as autumn's days grow shorter
and the leaves begin to turn...

In summer, fall, winter and spring,
be the Lord of all my days...



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  1. How very nicely written....food for thought for many of us. Loved it.


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